Meet "Steve Jobs", the Italian clothing company


"Steve Jobs" is now a... legally-owned trademark of an Italian fashion business, which intends to use the iconic name of Apple's late co-founder and CEO as a front for its clothing and fashion products. Established by brothers Vincenzo and Giacomo Barbato in 2012, the Steve Jobs company has recently been awarded the trademark by an Italian court of law after Apple lost the legal battle due to a poor choice of defense. 

Apple chose to base its case not on the Steve Jobs trademark itself, but on the company's logo, which is a stylized J with a bite that resembles the actual Apple logo too much. However, the court of law dismissed Apple's claims as the letter J isn't edible, thus the case was ruled in Vincenzo and Giacomo Barbato's favor.

As Apple had never filed up for a Steve Jobs trademark up until 2012, the Italian duo found itself a business opportunity, because let's be real - who would have thought that a CEO's name has to be trademarked. An oversight on Apple's part indeed, but a moral low-blow for the Barbato brothers nonetheless.

The Barbatos plan to continue coming up with Steve Jobs-themed clothing apparel and similar fashion accessories bearing the same name, like shirts, bags, jeans, and whatnot. However, commercial electronics are also in the sights as the two plan to expand in this niche.

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