MediaTek announces world's first LTE octa-core SoC with 4K2K video capabilities

MediaTek announces world's first LTE octa-core SoC with 4K2K video capabilities
Two months ago, we shared the rumors about MediaTek's upcoming octa-core chip with you, the one that would try to stand up to Qualcomm's finest SoCs and diminish the performance gap between the two manufacturers. Well, the rumors turned out to be true – the Taiwanese manufacturer lifted the veil on its upcoming SoC today - meet the MediaTek MT6595. It seems that it's the first octa-core SoC in the world that comes with 4G LTE and 4K2K video recording/playback capabilities on board.

The MT6595 is pretty similar to the MT6592, which was the first true octa-core processor, but instead of eight Cortex-A7 processors, MediaTek's newest comes with something else on board. The MT6595 is powered by four Cortex-A17, ARM's latest processors, and another four ARM Cortex-A7 CPUs. This means that MediaTek's new SoC supports ARM's big.LITTLE heterogenous processing technology, which chooses which set of cores to use for a specific task in order to save as much energy as possible. The MT6595 also comes with a PowerVR Series6 graphics processing unit, manufactured by Imagination Technologies.

MediaTek boasts that the MT6595 is also the "first mobile SoC with integrated, low-power hardware support for the new H.265 Ultra HD (4K2K) video record & playback, in addition to Ultra HD video playback for H.264 & VP9". It supports 24-bit audio codecs and has a high performance DAC (digital-to-analogue converter) for headphones on board.

Mobile devices, powered by the MT6595 SoC, are expected to see the light of day by the end of 2014, the Taiwanese manufacturer states.

source: MediaTek by Engagdet


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