Major US Government study finds link between phone radiation and cancer in male rats

A major, multi-year, peer-reviewed study has found a link between phone radiation and cancer in rats.

The study found 'low incidence' of two types of tumors in male rats exposed to phone radiation: gliomas, located in the glial cells of the brain, and schwannomas in the heart.

"It is important to note that previous human, observational data collected in earlier, large-scale population-based studies have found limited evidence of an increased risk for developing cancer from cellphone use," the National Health Institute had said earlier, before the study was published.

And while there is no evidence on such conclusive evidence of a link between phone radiation and cancer on humans, even the low incidence of occurrence in rats is a cause for concern.

"Given the widespread global usage of mobile communications among users of all ages, even a very small increase in the incidence of disease resulting from exposure to [radio-frequency radiation] could have broad implications for public health," a report of partial findings from the study mentioned.

As to this latest $25 million study, it's one of the largest-scale investigations on the connections between phone radiation and cancer. The study took place in an underground lab, where 21 radio-frequency chambers were specifically designed for mice and rats. Over 2,500 rats and mice were exposed to cell phone radiation in different intervals over the course of two years. The study beamed GSM and CDMA signal in the 900 MHz range for rats and 1900 MHz for mice. Those are common frequencies used by mobile carriers like Verizon and AT&T. The animals were exposed to that signal every 10 minutes, then got a 10-minute break over the course of 18 hours for a total of 9 hours of exposure per day.

Interestingly, female rats did not suffer from the same consequences and were largely unaffected (the only thing that was noticed were slightly lower birth weights for pregnant rats).

And while these latest findings might not change the US Government's official position saying there is not enough scientific data to prove phone radiation could be harmful to humans, it might spur new and more detailed studies.

At the same time, just a couple of weeks earlier, another large study in Australia found no correlation between the growing exposure to phones and brain cancer rates.

source: National Toxicology Program via WSJ (paywall)



1. jesus_sheep

Posts: 279; Member since: Apr 18, 2015

It's a shame they have to use other animals for this purpose when millions of our own species are available. We have got to leave these creatures alone to their own lives.

4. AppleVersusAndroid unregistered

Do you eat meat? If you do, you're a hypocrite. We reign supreme on this Earth and it's better to use animals for testing than it is our own species. I'm not advocating abuse of pets or anything, but I'd rather animals be used for testing than ourselves.

7. jeevanand88 unregistered

Well said!! They could use us as a live sample and monitor for their study, coz we cant live without smartphones now and we dont listen ppl who saying frequently abt cancer links wit mobiles!! Ppl dying from cancer are more nowadays!! Safest SAR value to be fixed for every mobile design...

8. anglosaxonengland

Posts: 64; Member since: Sep 11, 2013

I just dissected a mouse in the lab today, are you mad now?

9. Plasticsh1t

Posts: 3109; Member since: Sep 01, 2014

You can be a test subject and rid the world of your idiocy.

15. anglosaxonengland

Posts: 64; Member since: Sep 11, 2013

+1 right there, and same with the far left student associations members (doing bum subjects like liberal arts and other useless feminism stuff) who suggested that we should use humans for lab based dissections so we'd waste less animals.

2. Ahovking

Posts: 711; Member since: Feb 03, 2015

All this year i've seen report after report showing no links to mobile phones and this...

3. AppleVersusAndroid unregistered

You don't remember how back in the day the original cellphones were linked to cancer and tumors in the brain? It's no surprise.

6. Ahovking

Posts: 711; Member since: Feb 03, 2015

They never were.. there was studies linking them to cancers and others weren't... It hasn't changed with smart phones... the mass media will report this and ignore all these reports ive been seeing this year alone. For example..."existing evidence for a relationship between radiation from cell phones and cancer is found to be weak to nonexistent" published in 1999 and since then so many more have came out.. It seems no one knows the truth.. its the same with climate change.. look everywhere and its full of climate change is man made..yet look at the papers publish and its clear even the scientific community still aren't sure. Honestly its like we know nothing and just guessing everything at this point.

11. krystian

Posts: 423; Member since: Mar 16, 2016

Consider the size of these subjects vs. humans. Consider that they were kept in chambers similar to how microwaves work where the signals bounce erratically. And consider that there is a higher rate of other cancers not related to brain cancer. They are still pretty rare. Usually diagnosed early on in life. The rate of all cancers has progressively grown due to population growth and many factors. Cell phones don't seem to have much of an impact. Consider Dariwnism. Only the best genetics should survive but modern society lets bad DNA flourish, and as population grows there are more diseases. And our population also affects other lifeforms including microbes. And sustaining it requires modern methods that allow microbes and viruses to flourish. As our population increases more and more issues will be created. It's nature really.

13. AppleVersusAndroid unregistered

You misunderstood, what I meant was, it was a common belief that cellphones could cause brain tumors. People would buy cellphones with retractable antennas because they thought the antenna would receive the waves, but if they bought a cellphone without an antenna they thought they'd be more likely to be exposed.

12. An.Awesome.Guy

Posts: 636; Member since: Jan 12, 2015

I am hearing these kind of study for over a decade . Some day a research that find a relationship and sometimes a research that doesn't find a relationship. There is some relation since there a rating system called "SAR" or (Specific Absorption Rate) and it is managed from FCC and FDA. And all phones must have acceptable rates . Unless they found a real valid proof then I don't think we should really care about.

14. AppleVersusAndroid unregistered


5. tango_charlie

Posts: 347; Member since: Nov 16, 2011

"Interestingly, female rats did not suffer from the same consequences and were largely unaffected" Telling from how women are addicted to their phones nature must have given them a special defense mechanism against radio-signals making them "gsm-proof" like those female rats.

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