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Machinarium comes to Windows Phone, still the best robo-puzzler out there

Released in 2009 on PC and Mac, the point-and-click adventure game Machinarium lives a second life on mobile devices. We usually frown upon re-heating older titles for the sake of selling them once more, but Machinarium is a real gem that must be preserved. Like fine art, games like this don't really age.

In the game, you play as Josef, a little robot that boots up in a scrapheap after a long hibernation, and goes on an adventure like no other. The puzzler features a richly detailed, hand-drawn steampunk world, and an enthralling story that's told without any dialogue. It manages to be both friendly and desolate at the same time, and that's only one of its many fascinating contrasts and oddities.

Machinarium comes complete on Microsoft's platform, including all assets and soundtrack. Sadly, its long journey twardso Windows Phone 8 has left it with a few bumps and scratches - customers from the Windows Phone Store consistently complain about the game crashing at particular levels. Amanita, the game's developers, have been made aware of the problem, and promised to issue a patch soon. Meanwhile, the 221MB game is available for just $4.49, which is very little to ask for considering its quality. We recommend you play it on the bigger-screened WP handsets to get the most of its gameplay and atmosphere.

Download Machinarium: WindowsPhone

via PocketGamer


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