Lookout gives out tips on how to protect yourself from 'leaky apps'

Lookout gives out tips on how to protect yourself from 'leaky apps'
Mobile security firm Lookout has sent us some tips on how those sporting an Android flavored device can protect themselves from those darn 'leaky apps'. In case you missed it, we passed along a story on Monday about Edward Snowden. According to documents turned over by Snowden, the NSA and Britain's GCHQ are using apps like Angry Birds, to gather information. Thanks to location and photo sharing, and other permissions, the Agencies are receiving such information as the age, gender, marital status and sexual orientation of some Android users. All of these bits of information are used to pull together profiles of targeted users. Angry Birds developer Rovio has already denied involvement in the information gathering, putting the blame on mobile ad networks.

As we said, Lookout has sent us some tips to follow that could protect you from having your information taken by the NSA or others.They suggest that if you don't want to share your personal data through the apps you install, turn off those features in the settings. The mobile security firm suggests that you limit app downloads to those found on the Google Play Store, Apple App Store and Amazon Appstore. Before you install an app, take a few minutes of extra time to read the reviews to make sure it is legitimate. Review the permissions that each app requests before you download and install it.

According to Lookout, 38% of Android apps can read location data and 50% of Android apps can find out the unique IMEI number of the phone it is installed on. Lastly, 15% of apps available for an Android smartphone can read the phone number of the handset it is installed on. Following Lookout's advice might be an easy way for you to stay under the radar.

source: Lookout

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