Loaded with cash: here are some of the bigger spenders and savers among the app developers

Have you ever wondered what app developers do (or don't do) with the money they make thanks to their software creations? The in-app purchases that most of them come with are surely finding their way to a multitude of different pockets, and but it's close to impossible to know who takes the bigger cuts.

Then again, it's sure that less than one percent of all app developers, regardless of mobile platform they've chosen, have made enough money to afford a lavish lifestyle for the rest of their lives.

We have a neat infographic in store, which will give you a sneak peek of the world of wealth generated from mobile software. Remember Facebook's acquisition of Instagram? Well, the original creators of this popular social network have surely received a something something of the $1 billion that Mark Zuckerberg paid for Instagram, but how much exactly? What's more, would you live in the same apartment if Zynga bought a game you've developed and made you a multi-millionaire overnight?  

The answers of some of these questions can be found in the infographic in the gallery right below right below.

source: Irish Apps

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