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Living with the LG G2: a long-term review


Living with the LG G2: a long-term review

No man ever steps in the same river twice

In a seemingly very distant past, I was 11 years old. A kid that age has very few worries at that stage of his life, and I was no different, with the exception that I had a typical child craving for a particular toy that had an ad looping day-in and day-out on Cartoon Network. It was a rifle. You know – the airsoft type that shoots with one of those plastic pellets? Now, airsoft handguns were all the rage at that stage of my life – practically every kid in the neighborhood had a piece (and a bunch of pellet-shaped bruises) – but none had a rifle. I won't go through the set of rather shameful tactics a kid 'has' to go through to get a stupidly overpriced item like this – you all likely know too well – but long story short: I finally got one.

Now this rifle was a downright monster, complete with a magnifying scope and good for 'precision' shooting at up to 50 meters – it even had non-standard, larger pellets that supposedly helped with accuracy. It looked sturdily made, and I am fairly sure it had a ton of lead on the inside to make it feel realistic. And it was beautiful, not to mention that all those kids in the ad seemed to have a blast out of using it! The package, in other words, was perfect... until, of course, it wasn't. A few weeks into using it, I realized that it was no good for shooting at more than 10 meters, and that's only when no wind was present. I then quickly started stumbling into a recurring problem: it would glitch and the pellets would get trapped inside, forcing my dad to open it up and get it out. You can imagine that he was none too happy about it when this started happening every other day. Then, sooner rather than later, I ditched the rifle and it was the biggest disappointment of my adolescent life.

Why oh why?

So why did I just charge two paragraphs of not-phone-related-mumbo-jumbo worth of your life? I mean, you're all obviously smart enough to not get sucked into marketing fluff like I did – you're on PhoneArena after all, looking for the in-depth commentary you deserve. You're likely older than 11, too. Point is, while there certainly wasn't an airsoft-toys-reviewing committee at the time, there certainly are for phones nowadays – loads of them, actually. Unfortunately, these can get a little detracted from what I've always thought the essence – "Ultimately, will I like using this product?" – and get sucked into a standardized, droning commentary about the hardware and what it means, with a few lines on the software and its usability. So am I implying that this plunge into the depths of the LG G2 is somehow more objective and complete than the myriad of quality reviews, just a Google search distance away? Kind of, but not exactly.

If you're a PhoneArena regular (doesn't really matter), then you'll probably know that it hasn't actually been too long since I joined the team. In my estimates, we probably get about a dozen, give or take, devices a month for reviewing, and a bunch of accessories. Now, not all of these are exciting or good enough to go truly in-depth with, yet I can tell you first-hand just how meticulous the reviewing process is – it's standardized, measurable and as close to scientific as we can get. And I actually agree with the methods we use – they aren't simply something shoved down my throat. Sure, a lot of it stays behind stage, but these observations do shape the final review that gets to you. Yet, despite all these checks and guidelines, it isn't at all surprising that every now and then a colleague will simply come and cop a feel of a new device you're reviewing and make an observation that, as a reviewer, you've missed, usually through nobody's fault. And that's the practical reality and also why you're reading this – because it's simply impossible to live with every product for a few months in order to get sufficiently acquainted with it. But in the case of the LG G2, it's well worth it. And I did.

Here's how this is to go down

Living with the LG G2: a long-term review
So how exactly is this going to go down? A question I struggled with for a while, since coming up with a structure for such a massive quantity of insight into the world of the G2, along with the bid to delve deep, ruled out our traditional, categories-driven approach. After a while, however, it dawned on me that what people are looking for is quite simple, really – “Just how well will the LG G2 feel in my own hands?”, a question that gave me a direction – this piece needs be every bit as personal, idiosyncratic and direct as we all are in our day-to-day patterns. So kind of like a diary.

I by no means claim that what you're about to read is an all-encompassing, fully complete take on the G2 – one would need a lot more than a few pages for that and there's still a fairly good chance it won't be what it set out to be. But it is personal, and it is direct, and it is very much idiosyncratic, just the way it should be. Sure, my views won't necessary match yours, but the human brain, having been provided a context and a perspective, is pretty good at drawing parallels. And ultimately – that's the point – for you to draw parallels and hopefully even find this helpful, should you ever end up considering the G2.

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