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Live: T-Mobile's UNcarrier event

Posted: , by Ray S.

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Live: T-Mobile's UNcarrier event
March 26 - a day that will go down in history as the day when T-Mobile, the fourth-largest US carrier, stood against all established norms and offered a real alternative to the standard carrier model - the UNcarrier model! Or maybe not...

Anyways, whatever T-Mobile has to say at its UNcarrier event in NYC today, we'll be there to hear it out and bring all the news to you. Who knows, the operator might even announce that it'll be carrying the iPhone for the first time! Now, that would certainly be interesting, seeing that T-Mo is currently one of the very few US carriers (and the only major US carrier) that don't offer the iPhone yet. We also have our fingers crossed that our field correspondent, John V., will also have the chance to meet up with Carly for a quick hands-on chat. That's all this guy needs to win a woman's heart, we tell you!

Now back to T-Mo's event. If you're looking for a quality liveblog service, you've come to the right place. Starting at 11:15 ET | 10:15 CT | 09:15 MT | 08:15 PT | 3PM GMT, Mr. V. will start bringing the news from the event directly to you. Stay tuned!

Live event tracker

11:38Alright folks, that's a wrap! We'll check out the upcoming lineup. Thanks again!
11:36Well, there's a lot of questions regarding the fine details with tethering, throttling, smaller pricing details, & more.
11:25Tether/mobile hotspot is available with the Simple Plan EXCEPT for unlimited.
11:23No Wi-Fi calling with the iPhone on T-Mobile.
11:20Seems like they'll work with other carriers to help unlocked phones when they're activated to work with Tmo
11:19Phones get unlocked if they're traded back or fully paid off.
11:16John Legere & team are back on stage for Q & A
11:15Samsung Galaxy S 4 for Tmobile is coming May 1st.
11:14Basically a $1000 less than the rates that AT&T offers over 2 years.
11:12"Our unique offer of $99 down." In reference to the $99 iPhone 5 that Tmo will be offering.
11:10Now he's just breaking down the cost with Tmo's Simple Choice Plan.
11:08He's comparing T-Mobile's simple plan with the competition. Obviously, he's pointing out the confusion with them all.
11:03T-Mobile's Mike Seager is on stage now.
11:03No-contracts, simple rate plans, hottest devices, unlimited everything. T-Mobile Unleash
11:02"This is just the start. We are doing things direct, in your face."
11:02"We're canceling our membership with the carrier club."
11:01Samsung Galaxy S 4, BlackBerry Z10 ($99), and HTC One (coming soon, $99) are going to be demoed today here at the event.
10:59Only the carrier to have HD Voice on the iPhone 5
10:58For Tmo's iPhone 5, it works in 4G LTE AWS, 4G HSPA+ AWS, & PCS 1900 bands.
10:56iPhone 5 for Tmobile APril 12....$99!
10:54"If we suck this month, drop us! Go somewhere else, but if you're good, stay with us"
10:54"cut the crap on the prepaid and postpaid."
10:53No annual service contract.
10:52"Customers love smartphones, everyone hate contracts."
10:52For $50, you get 500MB of data, $60 for 2GB, and $70 nabs you unlimited data.
10:51$50, $60, &$70 plans. Respectively, they offer 500MB 2GB, and unlimited data.
10:50When you get a tmo rate plan, you get unlimited everything. The "Simple Choice."
10:49New York will probably get LTE sometime in summer.
10:48Tmo 4g LTE is launching in 7 cities with rapid expansion. They intend to have 220 millions pops by the end of the year.
10:46Another four letter S word spoken by Legere. Definitely seems passionate about T-Mobile & changing things.
10:44"The industry is broken. No loyalty!"
10:42Basically, he's exposing all the tricks that carriers do. From the rate plans to actual cost of devices.
10:40He's dropping some serious words about Tmo's rivals!
10:37Already going after the critics, well, some of the journalists actually.
10:36No doubt, he's one of the funniest CEOs around in the industry. Always has something good to say.
10:36T-Mobile CEO John Legere is up on stage
10:33Now it looks like we're in the wild wild west
10:32Lots of talk about "your mobile contract slapping you around the face."
10:30It looks like we're starting. Lights went dark & we're watching an intro video.
10:23We are finally in folks! Very interesting venue. From the looks of it, a lot of emphasis on contracts.
09:51We are on line. Super cold outside!
09:33Hey folks! John V here as your host for today's t- mobile event. Who's excited??

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posted on 26 Mar 2013, 09:13 2

1. Jonathan41 (Posts: 532; Member since: 22 Mar 2012)

Haha "hands on". Nice.

posted on 26 Mar 2013, 09:15 1

2. Note2waitingonNote3 (banned) (Posts: 87; Member since: 19 Mar 2013)

Can't wait.

posted on 26 Mar 2013, 09:55

4. Captain_Doug (Posts: 1034; Member since: 10 Feb 2012)

I'm rooting for you. She's a babe.

posted on 26 Mar 2013, 10:20

5. Mr.Mr.Upgrade (Posts: 474; Member since: 30 Aug 2011)

Hooray for slow-mobile...Ooops I mean T-Mobile

posted on 26 Mar 2013, 10:46

6. tedkord (Posts: 13796; Member since: 17 Jun 2009)

I just don't see how this is competitive. How is a payment plan different from subsidizing?

I have three smartphones on verizon:

1200 shared minutes of talk
10 friends and family numbers that doing count against minutes (we never go over about 100 minutes talk)
Unlimited text
Unlimited LTE.

$180/month. I get verizon coverage, 10 -12 Mbps downloads. Why would I switch?

posted on 26 Mar 2013, 11:06 1

7. gwuhua1984 (Posts: 1237; Member since: 06 Mar 2012)

It is very competitive price wise, with 3 lines... You get unlimited voice but pay only $150 on T-Mobile. The only problem would probably be the coverage.

posted on 26 Mar 2013, 11:08 2

8. vandroid (Posts: 348; Member since: 04 Sep 2012)

There's no way in hell you get unlimited data with Verizon

posted on 26 Mar 2013, 11:29 1

12. archangel9 (Posts: 233; Member since: 07 Feb 2010)

Unless he was grandfathered in..

posted on 26 Mar 2013, 11:16 1

9. nightfox11 (Posts: 6; Member since: 25 Mar 2013)

When is the galaxy s4 coming to T-Mobile.

posted on 26 Mar 2013, 11:27 2

11. archangel9 (Posts: 233; Member since: 07 Feb 2010)

May 1.2013 !!! Can't wait to see it in my local store but waiting for the Note 3.

posted on 26 Mar 2013, 11:26

10. archangel9 (Posts: 233; Member since: 07 Feb 2010)


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