LineageOS hopes to bring back the "grassroots community efforts" that CyanogenMod was once known for

LineageOS hopes to bring back the "grassroots community efforts" that CyanogenMod was once known for
Yesterday, we told you that Cyanogen, the corporate structure that was housing CyanogenMod, was closing effective December 31st. Some of the developers, designers and others who worked on CyanogenMod, are now working on forking the source code and related patches to a new open source project called LineageOS. This confirms that the GitHub repository found populated with CM files the other day, called Lineage Android Distribution, was in fact the beginning of this new open source project that "will be a continuation of what CyanogenMod was."

Why not just continue using the CyanogenMod name? A press release issued by the CyanogenMod team to say goodbye, explained that those working on the project could find the name sold out from under them. Speaking of names, "the stain of many PR actions from Cyngn is a hard one to remove from CM," said the release. Since CyanogenMod did depend on Cyanogen for the cash to keep going, and for the shared source code, the end of Cyanogen could only mean the end of CyanogenMod.

But there is certainly some cause for optimism. In the press release yesterday, there is talk of returning to the old community efforts that CM was once known for. At the same time, the group promises to maintain a "professional quality and reliability."

While Cyanogen and CyanogenMod are both saying goodbye, the spirit of CM will continue to live on in LineageOS. This is just the beginning. A website is being developed, and were sure to hear much more about Lineage in the upcoming days and weeks. The GitHub repository can be found by clicking on this link.

source: LineageOS, CyanogenMod via AndroidAuthority

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