Let it be: Beatles iTunes sales over 450,000 in a week

Let it be: Beatles iTunes sales over 450,000 in a week

Fab Four's words of wisdom scored sales of 450,000 albums and 2 million songs in just a week after they made a debut on Apple's iTunes. Tuesday, November 16th, the “just another day you will never forget” came and passed and the aliens were late, so the Beatles came in to save the day. And they sure did in a way.

Worldwide sales were strong with gross revenues of some $10 million. Even though no exact figures are available yet, some sources such as trade magazine Hits came up with a figure of 120,000 albums, including 13,000 digital box sets. The Beatles' most popular titles on iTunes were the song “Here comes the sun” and the 1969 album “Abbey Road”. The sales figures were comparatively good, but far from groundbreaking.

Holiday season is knocking at the door and Black Friday deals will no doubt boost the Beatles' sales further. A huge media campaign is expected with TV ads showing during primetime programming such as ABC's American Music Awards and NBC's Sunday Night Football in the U.S., and full-page ads might appear in the “Wall Street Journal” and the “New York Times”. After the iTunes launch, retailers such as Amazon lowered prices on the Beatles albums to $7.99 for a single album. How do you feel about all the hype around the Beatles on iTunes?

source: AppleInsider


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1. curiousgeorge

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and why does this have anything to do with phones? just because of itunes? little bit of a reach

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