Leaks show Microsoft Office for iOS is coming soon

Leaks show Microsoft Office for iOS is coming soon
A leak from Microsoft's French support site shows references to "Excel for iPad," "PowerPoint for iPad," and "Office Mobile for iPhone." This would seem to confirm earlier speculation that has versions of Microsoft Office for both iOS and Android getting released early next year. The free app will allow the user to view documents only, but the ability to edit them would be possible through a subscription to Microsoft 360.

A French web site, Mac4Ever, has pointed out that Microsoft's French support site has made references to Office for iOS applications that have been incorrectly applied to support documents. As an example, the site notes that a document pertaining to addressing custom numeric formats in Excel is tagged as applying to Excel 2013 in the U.S. On the French site, it is tagged for Excel for iPad. Other references, like the previously mentioned "PowerPoint for iPad," and "Office Mobile for iPhone," are displayed throughout the French site.
While the references don't gives us a precise date when to expect the Microsoft Office for iOS or Microsoft Office for Android to launch, they do confirm that the software is real and could be coming soon, perhaps early 2013 as rumored.

source: Microsoft (translated), Mac4Ever (translated) via BGR

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