Leaked rebate sheet for Verizon lists env3 but no envTouch

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Leaked rebate sheet for Verizon lists env3 but no envTouch
A tipster for BGR was able to pass along a leaked copy of the Verizon rebate form for May 11th through June 4th and a prominent name on the list is the LG env3. While the inclusion of the device on the list does not constitute an official launching of the phone during the time period stated, it does signal that the the Korean manufacturer's messaging handset could be lining the shelf at Verizon soon. The keyboard morphing Samsung Alias2, expected out on May 11th, is also on the form as is the MiFi 2200 portable EV-DO router which is expected on May 17th. Missing from the rebate form is the envTouch or what we first called the Voyager 2. It will have a different name as the accessory maker Plantronics owns the trademark to the name "Voyager" which it uses for a line of headsets.

source: BGR



1. neutrality

Posts: 22; Member since: Apr 28, 2009

:\ I was hoping to get that phone sooner rather than later. I expect that it will be released right after this rebate ends, because it will market well during graduation season.

2. livin4acti0n

Posts: 22; Member since: Apr 04, 2009

Im not surprised. I think the LG Env Touch will be out Christmas time. And the Lg Voyager 2 will have a TOTALLY different concept. Probably like how the people were saying how it will have a slide out keyboard!!! However im thrilled about the Samsung Glyde 2!! I hope it looks like the Samsung Omnia Pro w/o the smartphone features!!! THIS WOULD BE SO IDEAL FOR ME!!

3. lovexlucy

Posts: 16; Member since: Feb 14, 2009

there will be no Voyager 2 due to some copyright thing, the enVTouch is the Voyager 2 and there is no Samsung Glyde 2 on this rebate sheet... i'm deciding whether to get the Alias 2 tomorrow or wait for the enVTouch...

4. machspeed247 unregistered

alias 2 is awesome... coolest technology ive seen in awile. the envy 3 will be out soon, its been on the cellbrite machine for over a month now so expect to see that this month!!!

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