Leaked photos show World's second Android phone

Leaked photos show World's second Android phone
If you passed up on buying the G1 and figured that you would wait for the next Android offering, it seems like it is decision time for you. Photos have been leaked showing the next device to feature Google's open software. Yup, we are talking about the Kogan Agora. The phone is expected to ship this month on the 29th with a 2.5 inch touchscreen, 3G, a QWERTY keyboard, Bluetooth 2.0 and a microSD slot. In good ole' U.S. currency, the price works out to $192. For $64 more, you can buy the Kogan Agora Pro which has everything the Agora has but adds Wi-Fi, GPS, and a 2MP camera to the mix. Both units are available online only. And these prices are unsubsidized numbers which means you won't be putting your John Hancock on a two-year contract to buy these smartphones at those figures. It is not known if these phones will get a chance to shine under the spotlights at CES. Now that you have passed on the first Android, will you be going after the Agora or the Agora Pro, or will you now wait for the third Android device?

via Engadget and SlashPhone

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