Leaked memo shows 250K have pre-registered for T-Mobile's Apple iPhone 5

Leaked memo shows 250K have pre-registered for T-Mobile's Apple iPhone 5
According to T-Mobile executives, ever since the UNcarrier plans debuted, the carrier has seen traffic in its stores increase. David Carey, executive vice president for corporate services, said, "I have every reason to believe this momentum will continue and carry forward," but added that it is too early to see if this momentum will stick. T-Mobile has done away with two-year contracts and subsidized pricing on new phones. Customers now make a down payment and pay off the balance by making installment payments monthly over 20 to 24 months.. The phone remains locked to T-Mobile until the handset is paid off. On the other hand, you can leave T-Mobile at any time without getting socked with an ETF.

Besides the new rate plans, T-Mobile customers are obviously excited about the Apple iPhone 5. Finally, Apple's iconic smartphone has made its way to the nation's fourth largest carrier and the phone will launch on April 12th. So far, more than 250,000 pre-registrations for the phone have been received by the mobile operator, with 80% of them coming from existing customers. Those pre-registering for the device are not putting down money to reserve a unit, but are simply sending their email address to T-Mobile so that they can receive the latest information about the iPhone 5. The handset, which costs $199.99 with a signed two year contract from Verizon, Sprint and AT&T, is priced differently on T-Mobile. Customers must make a down payment of $99 and pay the balance off in $20 monthly installments of 24 months.

While the carrier has not released the number of pre-orders it has received for the Apple iPhone, one T-Mobile employee has whispered that the number of pre-orders for the phone has been "impressive" and not too much different than the number that has pre-registered for the handset.

source: CNET via TmoNews

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