Leaked images of the HTC Mozart reveal that it & the HTC Schubert are the same device

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Leaked images of the HTC Mozart reveal that it & the HTC Schubert are the same device
If you're hit with the feeling of deja vu after checking out some of the leaked images below of the speculated HTC Mozart, you're probably not the only one since it eerily looks quite similar to the ones of the recently leaked HTC Schubert. It's reported that the two HTC devices are indeed the same – the “Schubert” moniker could possibly be a codename for the HTC Mozart. In any event, we're treated to some additional new images of this Windows Phone 7 powered device from expert smartphone maker HTC. What's interesting about the latest batch of images is that it shows how you'll be able to get access to the phone's battery. And from the looks of it, you're simply required to just remove the plastic pieces on the rear – which of course shows that the body is constructed from one piece of material. With HTC's planned event happening in London next month and the leaks regarding their Windows Phone 7 device surfacing, it'll be interesting to wonder if two items share a common bond.

source: Twitter via wmpoweruser & TmoNews



1. itsmike unregistered

Umm the images of the UI and bottom and top views were only on TmoNews. I haven't seen WMpoweruser post those. just little fyi. other than that, i think im gonna get this wp7 monster.

2. adash13x

Posts: 20; Member since: Apr 08, 2010

I dont know if its just me but......that WM7 looks so "weird".....i dont think i would want an OS on my phone like that.....just sayin'....

3. jovel16

Posts: 59; Member since: Oct 05, 2008

I'm sure you can change the color schemes

4. LOL@WP7 unregistered

It's a shame they wasted such a cool phone model on WP7. The UI looks like crap and with Windows record in terms of phone UI I would wager this thing will be garbage look at the kin and the HD2. Hell HD2 owners made a mod to make their phone look like an android phone (Android envy much?). I'd guess that this phone isn't going to be head and shoulders above the aformentioned. Hell the UI itself isn't even that much different than the Kin's homescreen. I just don't understand why when looking at top selling phones out currently(EVO, DROID, Iphone), Microsoft would say to themselves,"Hey let's make the UI look like complete shit so that we crash and burn before we can even take off." People can read specs, etc. all day long; the fact of the matter is this phone will not outperform and of the three I just mentioned and when in a tight race like that UI can make a huge difference. What're different color schemes compared to my ability to put whatever background on my Android phone that I desire and put widgets where ever the hell I want on my home screen.

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