Aluminum uni-bodied HTC Schubert WP7 device captured on camera & video?

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Aluminum uni-bodied HTC Schubert WP7 device captured on camera & video?
There's no pause for Android right now, especially when we see a constant stream of top tiered devices being announced that exude some polished hardware that you can't deny look pretty. Conversely, we've been seeing a decent amount of potential Windows Phone 7 devices surfacing of late too that's going to become more prevalent as we near the fall season. There was a speculated ASUS prototype unit captured on film not too long ago giving us a small sampling of what to expect out of a Windows Phone 7 device, but the latest one to enter the pool is the HTC Schubert. Now what makes this handset so appealing is that it sports an all aluminum uni-body design that's similar to what we've seen employed on the HTC Legend, but there are some plastic cutouts found in the rear to let in/out the always needed wireless connectivity. Interestingly enough, the pattern seen on the rear is a little reminiscent of the one used on the HTC Droid Incredible, but surely it'll embody something easily durable thanks to its choice of materials.

source: 247 Windows Phone via Engadget


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