Leak of T-Mobile internal document reveals new pricing for the Classic Plan

Leak of T-Mobile internal document reveals new pricing for the Classic Plan
According to the latest rumor, two days before its March 26th press event at which T-Mobile is expected to announce its leap into the UNcarrier era, the carrier will change its current set-up. At corporate locations, the Value Plan will be available and phones will be sold without a contract. This doesn't mean that the carrier expects you to shell out $600, $700 to buy a new phone as its Equipment Installment Plan will allow you to put a down payment on a new phone and make monthly installment payments.

Meanwhile, national retailers like Target and Best Buy will be offering the Classic Plan that continues to offer subsidized handsets and asks you to sign two-year contracts. Why the two different plans? National retailers don't have the infrastructure in place to offer installment plans and customers would have to pay full price for a new phone. Additionally, the system at those third party retailers won't allow the sales reps to get paid like they do at T-Mobile's corporate locations.

A leak of internal T-Mobile documents reveals some of the pricing structure for the Classic Plan. Each plan comes with unlimited talk, text and 500MB of data. That costs $60 for the individual plan running up to $90 for unlimited data. The first two lines of a family plan cost $100 with the price rising to $160 for unlimited data. You can add up to three more additional family members to the unlimited data plan for $50 each  Tethering is included on all plans except for those with unlimited data for the month. If you don't plan on using HotSpots, you are much better off going with unlimited data. For example, if you're one person you can get unlimited talk, text and data for $90 per month. If you do need to tether, that same $90 will get you the same unlimited talk and text, but only 4GB of data.

If you are already a T-Mobile customer, you probably will be grandfathered in and get to keep your current plan until your next upgrade or if you add a new line. There are many questions that need to be answered and we're sure T-Mobile will address them next Tuesday. Besides the new pricing plan, there is the launch of its new 4G LTE service and the merger with MetroPCS to discuss.

source: TmoNews


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