LeBron James stars in 12-minute VR "experience" for the Gear VR

LeBron James stars in 12-minute VR "experience" for the Gear VR
What can be said about LeBron James that hasn't been said already? While five straight trips to the NBA Finals has resulted in two titles, the emergence of Stephen Curry has James taking a back seat to another NBA player for maybe the first time in his amazing career. In the past, we've seen LeBron shrill for Samsung. Now, the Cavs superstar is providing VR content for Samsung's Gear VR.

Produced by Oculus Studios and UNINTERRUPTED, the VR "experience" called Striving for Greatness is 12-minutes of LeBron training. You do have to be in great shape to play in the NBA, because going back and forth on the hardwood for 30-40 minutes each night is bound to be quite taxing. And upper body strength is needed when you go up for rebounds against other well-muscled behemoths.

Samsung will have the video available on its Milk VR store and it will also be available in the Oculus Store. Whether you love LeBron or hate him (which many Miami Heat fans still do), basketball fans around the world recognize that he is a rare talent. He also takes his routine seriously, which might explain why he remains one of the top players in the game. If anything has changed, it is his maturity. He seems to have learned quite a few lessons since announcing that he was taking his talents to South Beach on July 10th, 2010.

And you know what else has matured since then? Mobile devices have. 2016 could be the year of VR. Heck, HTC even said that themselves in a tweet sent out on Christmas day. If a 360 degree look at LeBron James training is something you want to see, and you own the Gear VR, click on the sourcelink to watch the video.

We should also point out that Samsung has released a 90 second promotional video which hints at LeBron's real motivation for training so hard. After winning two titles, he wants to win one for the 'land (meaning Cleveland). Click on the video below to see the promo.

source: MilkVR, SamsungMobile via Engadget
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