Latest Apple iPhone 8 Plus ad shows off Portrait Lighting feature

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The latest television commercial for the Apple iPhone 8 Plus features the company's new Portrait Lighting feature. From Studio Light, which shines light on the subject's face without creating shadows, to Stage Light, which isolates the subject by dissolving the background into a sea of black, Portrait Lighting is available on the Apple iPhone 8 Plus (and the iPhone X when that model is released in November). In addition to Studio and Stage Light, Contour Light uses deeper shadows to highlight the edges of the face and creates more contrast. And Stage Light Mono removes the background, replacing it with a grainy black and white look.

These options are available when opening the camera in Portrait mode. In Apple's latest television ad, we get to see portrait lighting employed as a woman is photographed walking down a sidewalk. Near the end of the spot, her boyfriend shows us her image using all of the different options available. Can you notice the changes to her face made by each different Lighting mode?

If you watch any sort of weekly television series, including reboots such as Will & Grace, you're bound to catch this ad on your television. By why wait when you can view it now, simply by clicking the video at the top of this story.

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