Latest Apple TV firmware still mentions two new iPhone model names

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Latest Apple TV firmware still mentions two new iPhone model names
Being the second time that it's being discovered, the latest Apple TV firmware mentions two distinct iPhone model names that still aren't accounted for.

Internally, Apple refers to the current iPhone 4 as the iPhone 3,1, but looking closer into the firmware for Apple TV distinctively refers to two iPhone models that have yet to make their appearance in the flesh – these are the iPhone 3,2 and 3,3.

As of right now, there is no definitive confirmation as to what these two iPhone models are, but the usual set of speculations come to mind, such as the probability of a CDMA iPhone or something totally different. Still, it could also be some sort of tweaked model of the existing iPhone 4, but then again, anyone's guess is good as ours. Regardless of whatever it is, it makes you wonder what's in store with the iPhone as we inch closer to the holiday season.

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source: 9to5Mac



3. pingpong

Posts: 145; Member since: Mar 28, 2010

It's the Metro PCS iPhone.

1. Zio unregistered

Yep, its for the Sprint iPhone.

2. Tinaturner unregistered

Sprint sucks I have the evo and live In a 4G area and my friend has the vibrant and there's is hspa+ in our area and his vibrant is always faster at loading web pages and downloading stuff and he makes fun of me cuz my evo shows 5 bars of 4G and he only has 2-3 bars of 3G and his is waay faster

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