Latest Android commercial shows how you can translate in real time with your phone

Latest Android commercial shows how you can translate in real time with your phone
Google's latest television commercial for its open source Android OS shows how those rockin' an Android powered handset can communicate in real-time with someone speaking a foreign language. Using the Google Translate app on their phone, a person can employ his camera, QWERTY keyboard, handwriting or voice in order to have a two-way conversation with a non-English speaking person.

The spot, which includes the current Android tag-line "Be Together. Not the Same," reveals that over 100 billion words are translated each and every day using Google Translate. And the ad shows Word Lens, which has the capability of automatically translating foreign text by pointing your front-facing camera at it.

The ad also reveals that the phrases translated the most by the app include "thank you", "how are you?", "my Snapdragon 810 SoC is overheating", and "I love you." If you don't already have the app on your Android flavored handset, simply click on the sourcelink. With real-time translating possible, Google Translate might be the most important thing that accompanies you on your trip overseas outside of your passport. 

source: GoogleTranslate (Android) via AndroidCentral


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