LG unleashes new G3 teaser, hypes up its 5.5" screen and awesome screen-to-size ratio

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With numerous daily appearances in our news section (courtesy of all those enterprising leakers), the LG G3 is quickly becoming one of the hottest topics in the cell phone biz at the moment. We've practically seen it all: the design, the specs... there was even a recent leak that revealed what's hiding under the handset's removable back cover! However, it looks like LG finds teasing us truly enjoyable, as even after all of the hype that's already been built around the upcoming G3 — which is to be introduced on May 27 — the company has just posted yet another teaser video, making sure that its upcoming flagship doesn't escape our minds for a second.

The new video by LG focuses on the G3's larger-than-life, 5.5" display, and talks up the phone's impressive screen-to-size ratio. In the video, LG first asks users to picture typical phones with 5", 5.2" and 5.5" screens. At the same time, the video displays drawings of such handsets, but ones that appear considerably bulky, and having some pretty unattractively-wide bezels. Finally, after LG has made the point that things usually get quite chubby around the 5.5-inch mark, it redraws the phone to have bezels of much thinner type - suggesting that the LG G3 will exhibit a great screen-to-size ratio, just like its predecessor, the G2.

While the G2 had a 5.2" display, though, the G3 will obviously sport an even larger diagonal, at 5.5". We're very excited to see if the company has really managed to keep the phone's dimensions reasonable, considering the massive display! How about you - do you think that the LG G3 will live up to the great expectations and successfully challenge its fearsome rivals, such as the Galaxy S5, One (M8) and Xperia Z2?

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