LG to make its own system-on-chip designs

LG to make its own system-on-chip designs
These days it's best to control as much as you can of the device production process. According to an article in The Korea Times, LG is prepping up to make yet another move in this direction, by starting to create their own chip designs, in a way similar to Apple. The similarity comes from the fact that, like Apple, LG plans to only design its future chips, but leave the actual manufacturing to other companies which specialize in that, like TSMC.

LG has already licensed ARM's Cortex-A15 CPU and Mali-T604 GPU, so it's reasonable to think that the first LG-designed processors will be based on these technologies. According to the source, LG is to design chips to be used in smartphones and smart TVs. The first LG chip, dubbed H13, is expected to be unveiled at next year's CES. If you're wondering what this 'H13' name is supposed to mean, well, "H" reportedly stands for Home Entertainment, while "13" is the year of introduction. Apparently, the first LG SoC is more likely to end up in a TV, rather than a smartphone.

LG's trying to step up its game these days, and we really like it that the manufacturer is fighting to regain some of its lost positions on the market. With strong handsets like the Optimus G and Nexus 4, it shows that the company is on the right tracks. Now, let's see how these processors are going to fare...

source: TheKoreaTimes via AndroidAuthority

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