LG surprises with good-looking budget phones in March

LG surprises with good-looking budget phones in March
The colleagues from Mobile-review have provided information about some of LG’s upcoming budget phones, and to tell you the truth, they do not look bad at all. The first one is called GD330 and is a mid-end slider, which tries to be a pretty phone, resembling the high-class Secret,. The upper part of the body is leather-coated and the front side sports sensor soft keys, both contributing to its nice and fresh appearance. Other than that, do not expect wonders from the GD330. It features a 2.2-inch display and a decent 2-megapixel camera. Fortunately, this one is said to hit the market soon - on March 25 at the affordable price of $200.

The manufacturer also has a little something for the ones that just want to have a good talk every once in a while and maybe send a message or two to their friends. The GB125 seems to be the perfect device for the purpose. Although being a clamshell equipped with a really unpretentious hardware, it is a result of an intriguingly uncommon design solution. When closed, it looks very elegant and stylish, but opening it reveals a rather rough, yet harmonious appearance. As a phone, the GB125 does not offer anything extraordinary… as we come to think of it, it doesn’t offer almost anything at all, except for one really cool feature – a built-in radio antenna, which allows you to listen to radio without having the need of using headphones. It also has a small 1.5-inch CSTN display and a 950mAh battery. It should be expected also on March 25, at the generous price of $65.

source: Mobile-review (translated)

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