LG shows off dual-edge smartphone plastic OLED screen behind closed doors at CES 2015

LG shows off dual-edge smartphone plastic OLED screen behind closed doors at CES 2015
This year's CES did get us acquainted with a bunch of nice smartphones and tablets, but for the most part, we had the feeling that the really interesting and important stuff was going on behind closed doors, inaccessible to us, the mere mortals. For better or worse, our assumptions have been proven correct by some brave soul who managed to walk away from LG's secret CES chamber with an awesome souvenir! What, did you think the LG G Flex 2 is bent enough?

Here, meet the prototype form of LG's answer to the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge's innovative curved display. This is the 6-inch "Active Bending" Plastic AMOLED screen that folds over the two edges of the reference smartphone it's been incorporated into. It must be a pretty early prototype we're seeing, though, because the resolution is only 720x1280 - give or take a few more pixels to accommodate the curved parts. That's definitely no match for Samsung's curved 1440p screen as seen in the Galaxy Note Edge - and if rumors are to be trusted, a possible Galaxy S6 Edge. Hopefully, LG has something more impressive to show.

By the way, LG won't necessarily be the first to make use of this technology. The display you're seeing, or another version of it, could be making its way towards Xiaomi, which might be looking to use it for its own dual edge display smartphone project. However, when it comes to plastic OLED panels from LG, we expect nothing short of a dual-edged, high-resolution LG G4 at this point. We believe it won't be long before we learn some more!

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