LG G Flex2: all the new features

LG G Flex 2: all the new features
The LG G Flex2 was just unveiled as the second edition of the overarching form factor (see what we did there) that made a cameo with the G Flex last year, but with a smaller, 5.5" display. The more compact size is a reflection of the company listening to feedback from users who felt the first generation device was a bit too big. Moreover, the upgrade in display resolution from HD to 1080p will certainly prove to be a welcome change, too, fixing another one of the user's issues with the G Flex pioneer.

LG introduced the world to flexible and “self-healing” smartphones a little over a year ago with the G Flex. The 6" OLED display with plastic, instead of glass substrate, showed us that devices do not necessarily need to be ultra-rigid in an effort prevent breakage from being dropped. A big leap forward for the product line, the G Flex2 brings, according to LG, better everything in a more compact design. Well, what exactly has been improved in the Flex2? Let's list all the new features you can find in the new bendy creation of LG.

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