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LG patent filing shows two different foldable phones

LG patent filing shows two different foldable phones
A patent filing made by LG to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) revealed not one, but two different concepts for a foldable phone than can be turned into a tablet and vice versa. The patent itself calls the product a "mobile phone with flexible display which can be folded in half." One version appears to have two handset bodies side-by-side, with a single display that can be folded in half. When the display is folded, the device resembles a smartphone and shows an "always on" display with the time. Unfolded, it looks like a tablet.

The second version of a foldable device found in LG's patent filing looks very close in design to the first one. The big difference is that when folded, part of the second screen extends past the first one. That leaves a thin sidebar available to be used to display icons or other data.

LG originally filed for a patent on July 2017, and WIPO released the registration information last week. LG joins other manufacturers such as Samsung and Microsoft who are working on folding mobile devices of their own. Additionally, ZTE, which has already released the the foldable dual screen Axon M, said that it will continue to release more foldable models.

source: WIPO via GSMInfo.nl (translated)




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Looks good.


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Looks interesting, but these patents are nothing close to the hashed out patents from Samsung in terms of details on the device.

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Yes, these are clearly early drafts that will never work in production. Neither the screen or that sliding backside. Probably just an insurance against Apple claiming they invented it in five years.


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Still better than Apple's doodle styled patent


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