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LG files Korean trademark applications for G Watch, G Glass, G Band, G PAD and G Hub

LG files Korean trademark applications for G Watch, G Glass, G Band, G PAD and G Hub
Korean manufacturer LG has filed a number of trademark applications in Korea with indications that at least two of them are for wearable devices, including a smartwatch. The applications each used the letter "G" in the filings which is supposed to indicate that the device is a high-end model. LG recently announced that it was removing the "Optimus" title from its high-end smartphones and replacing it with the letter "G".

The application for G Watch was made in the watch and mobile phone category. An application for G Glass was filed in the category that includes glasses and mobile phones, and could be LG's version of Google Glass. G PAD's trademark application was filed under the tablets category. Other applications were made for G Hub and G Band.

Back in March, when speculation about Apple's iWatch started picking up momentum, LG said that it too was working on a smartwatch and a device similar to Google Glass. At the time, there was some thought that LG would use the new Firefox OS for a watch and connected specs. Sources say that LG might introduce the G Watch, G PAD and G Glass as soon as September at the IFA 2013 show in Berlin. The date on the trademark applications is July 8th, 2013.

Some of the trademark applications made by LG in Korea

Some of the trademark applications made by LG in Korea

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source: asiae (translated) via Techkiddy




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Well, seems like lg could be the next samsung , nothing can hold them back except their s**tty late updates


Posts: 538; Member since: Jan 31, 2013

yeah but between these to companies i prefer Samsung...


Posts: 483; Member since: Mar 05, 2013

They could use a more friendly logo. The current one looks... I dunno... too industrial? It seems kind of weird to have LG stand for Lucky Goldstar, and their motto being 'Life's Good' with a winking face when their logo looks so... bold?


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The 'G' is becoming a little to much. Samsung has the S, Apple has the 'i', Sony has 'everything' and now LG has the 'G'... Why are manufacturers so into that kind of stuff?


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A certain streamlining of services isn't such a bad thing. Even Google does it with Play Books, Music etc. and Microsoft now, with Xbox Music, Movies... What I do find funny though is that they decided to use 'Hub'... just pull out a thesaurus man!


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Ain't Nothin but a "G" thang!


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Doing it like a "G" :)


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"G glass" may be confused for google glass


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It's basically Samsung, down to their watered down TouchWiz UI. Their recent Optimus/G series phones even imitate the design language of Galaxy S series. They're now looking to do similar dubbing of their proprietary software it seems as well.


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GL(Good Luck) LG G!


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