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LG Voyager and Venus at Verizon site

Posted: , by Nanko R.

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LG Voyager and Venus at Verizon site
LG Voyager and Venus at Verizon site
LG Voyager and Venus at Verizon site
Just one day after we posted news about the Venus and Voyager's Interactive Manual being spoted on the Verizon Wireless site now both phone are now listed on Verizon's Testman site with full specifications and prices.

This is where Verizon often lists new phones a few days before their launch:. http://testman.verizonwireless.com using Zip 99999.

Both the LG Venus and LG Voyager are expected to be avaliable for Pre-Order starting tomorrow Nov 8th for a price of $199 and $299 respectively. The actual Lauch Dates will be on the 19th and the 21st.

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:41

1. Sammo or Bolo (unregistered)

I am really excited to hear about this. I can't wait for these phones to come out because i am going to get the Voyager and then I am going to get the Samsung i760. I promise this, after the release, the other carriers will take notice, especially you addicted iphone people. There's a new competitor in town called the LG Voyager.

posted on 07 Nov 2007, 14:53

2. (unregistered)

when will the micro usb become standard charger for all cell phones. I love LG phones but they change their type of charger more than any manufactures

posted on 07 Nov 2007, 15:57

3. (unregistered)

To #2...The Voyager and Venus have the same data port that is on the enV and VX8550. They did NOT change.

posted on 07 Nov 2007, 22:53

4. (unregistered)

They are on the real site now, too bad it was only working for some people, and now im not sure but it might not be working for any one... darn i missed the 5 minuet window when the site was working that i could have ordered the phone... apparently what the online reps are saying is wait till morning and hopefully they will have the problems worked out... damn

posted on 07 Nov 2007, 23:17

5. yep (unregistered)

they sure are on the real site now... i figured i'd try 12am EST (9 PST) and they were on... but the site is being really slow and sluggish and not loading sometimes for me. I also noticed no online discount listed for them... but for every other phone so i'm gonna wait til morning and hope everything's worked out by then.

posted on 08 Nov 2007, 00:55

6. anonymous (unregistered)

I was online just checking out the site so i could see if preordering had started.....well i ordered one and so did a friend at 9:45pm and we're here on the west coast. Guess i was a lucky one!

posted on 08 Nov 2007, 01:35

7. jen (unregistered)

to poster #6 ... so there really is no online discount? i'm planning on buying mine in the morning as well... just like #5.

posted on 08 Nov 2007, 08:37

8. I"m number 6 (unregistered)

So the confirmation letter came right after the purhcase was made and final price on the bill was $299.

posted on 08 Nov 2007, 09:01

9. jen (unregistered)

Oh ok, I'm really disappointed there's no online discount for these 2 phones.

posted on 08 Nov 2007, 09:01

10. (unregistered)

To #3... #2 meant all of LG phones from when they started the make cell phones not just the Voyager and Venus

posted on 09 Nov 2007, 12:41

11. (unregistered)

If you have trouble try changing your 'plan' to the new National something from your current plan. I could not order at first and when the great cust ser guy changed me to the new plan I could use my New Every Two. This will not change until the phone is delivered on Nov 21th (I hope) at the eariliest. Sorry Palm 755 - can't wait and this will meet my needs wonderfully. Five year V cust and happy with

posted on 09 Nov 2007, 17:08

12. anon (unregistered)

to #11, which phone did you end up ordering? i ordered the venus, and i can't wait!

posted on 10 Nov 2007, 00:25

13. V-Lover (unregistered)

I had to change my minute plan in order to text more. It is a disappointment that my plan isnt compatible with the Voyager so I had to settle for 450 minutes a month. I feel like I will miss those extra 450 minutes later down the line. I hope they be friendly and add more minutes later. Make me feel the good values of sticking with you, Verizon. Is this a mistake I made by ordering it, cus I really need that Voyager. I really love it for V-Cast Music purposes for work for the dull music they play all day. I also think those measily 9 channels may start getting useful on dull days. Anyone have any input on the change of plans?????

posted on 10 Nov 2007, 11:36

14. The Dude (unregistered)

If you are not changing in minutes you do not have to change to the new National Calling plans to be able to upgrade your phone. Verizons new National calling plans now include mobile web at no extra cost. Mobile web and any other data feature that used to say "airtime charges may/will apply", no longer applies. Your minutes are now only for calls. Everything is now calculated in MegaByte usage just like every other carrier. The V Cast pack at $15 gives you unlimted MegaByte usage, you can get V Cast and Mobile TV for $25 on the Voyager.

posted on 10 Nov 2007, 13:33

15. Boot Leg Bill (unregistered)

Everyone will be able to pre-order the voyager on 11-11-2007 without change their price plan. There was a bug in the system and it should be fixed on or by that date

posted on 10 Nov 2007, 16:27

16. Guess W H O ! (unregistered)

if u cannot order the phone like stated above will need to change to nationwide plan and also advised to get vcast vpack $15 a month to have unlim mb use!

posted on 10 Nov 2007, 21:28

17. JP k (unregistered)

To #12 from #11 - I went with the Voyager - keyboard vs music as #1 priority. TO #15 thank you for the heads up - I will check next week and see if I need to recind my plan change. I am counting down the days. I am out of town and just added VZNavagator -- I am so impressed! I have not looked at a map in three days and it even found a great Greek place. (No 'real' Greek in Atlanta - special cheese dish OOOPAH!) I will not travel without VZNavagator as my co-pilot again. The reduced stress is wonderful!

posted on 11 Nov 2007, 03:42

18. (unregistered)

Sorry #15, but Verizon updated the My Account page with this picture: http://www.verizonwireless.com/images_b2c/splash/promo_splash/voyager_071111.jpg

posted on 14 Nov 2007, 13:05

19. (unregistered)

i have a motorola q9m but im really not happy with it its slow, freezes up a alot and other problems like that unfortunately my 30 days are up and i cant exchange it what do you guys say, attempt to sell this and buy the voyager or just stay with my phone (i really dont need windows mobile btw)

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