Voyager and Venus Interactive Manuals

Voyager and Venus Interactive Manuals
As we approach the Nov 8th pre-order date for the LG Voyager and Venus, Verizon is starting to get their site ready.Today, the Interactive Manuals for both phones were spotted.

There's no "new" info to speak of, but with the interactive manuals posted, it looks like the Nov 8th pre-order date is a go.The actual launch (release) date for the Venus is Nov 19, with the Voyager on the 21st.Pricing is expect to be $199 for the Venus and $299 for the Voyager (after $50 rebate on a 2 year contract).



1. V-lover unregistered

I have been waitin for almost three months for a new phone that would be suitable for me. I have the VX9800 still, because I think it looks better than EnV 9900. The voyager I beat will keep satisfied like a soulmate, only in a small electronic device sort of way. Verizon I have had you for 5 years now and love your company. So dont let me down with date changes and high prices. Pleeeeeeeeease!!!

2. Jessica unregistered

I worked for VZW for 3 years and I've never seen a phone launch on anything but a Tuesday. I will be suprised if these dates are correct. They may be close but not correct

3. V-lover unregistered

I hope these are what they plan to stick to. If not, I'll be forced to play withthe Samsung i760 until the Voyager come out. U may be correct, because the 21st is on a Wednesday.

4. unregistered

The Voyager was going to launch on the 18th. But since that is a Sunday, it was changed to the 21st.

5. V-lover unregistered

My fingers are crossed, but they cant stay like this til the 21st so, I'll just keep hope alive

6. Omie unregistered

Lately they have been releasing phone on "weird" days. These dates are correct, I should have my extra new phone this week for sale :)

7. john unregistered

the voyager is not able to multitask according to the online manual why does lg do this they have the feature on the venus but not the more expensive voyager shame

8. unregistered

These have to be the right dates. Verizon is not dumb. They know that Friday Nov. 23rd is the biggest shopping day out of the year and people will be buying these phones that day.

9. unregistered

These have to be the right dates. Verizon is not dumb. They know that Friday Nov. 23rd is the biggest shopping day out of the year and people will be buying these phones that day.

10. unregistered

I agree with the comment above. But I think the only thing that’s still up in the air is the price. I've seen all different ones on all different sites. Plus people are probably seeing that the Venus comes out in Pink on 12/11 and are getting worried that, that date will affect the black Venus coming out on Nov. 19th

11. anonymous unregistered

I'd hate to burst everyone's bubble but it looks like these dates are wrong I work for verizon and our release date for the venus isnt until december and no set date for the voyager sorry everyone

12. unregistered

Dude who works for verizon must not read the cs news when it's up.....these are all going to be out via internet pre order and able to order online by thanksgiving. U also have the wrong price the venus in pink/black but thats all will see what the price is in short time.

13. elgee02 unregistered

"anonymous" comment #11 is a troll, not a VZW employee. The release dates are 100% accurate. Trust me... I know.

14. unregistered

venus on the 8th no pre-order just out on the 8th

15. Sammo or Bolo unregistered

I'm sitting here reading the comments that everyone is posting and honestly, I see there are a lot of nervous people. I don't think there's anything to be nervous about because I'm sure Verizon knows that Black Friday is coming soon and yeah, you can best believe that these "concept phones" will be out and about in your possession. I can't wait for the Voyager. I'm sure that it won't disappoint. Besides, if it does, my contract is up and I can go wherever I want.

16. jr unregistered

i work for verizon too and phones wont be coming till after nov.... its a sure me i know....

17. agent unregistered

actually you can get the venus now at any and the voyager will be out on 21 of nov. pricing is right too, but for the new everytwo yr. is going to have a 100dollars off the phone. so come and get it.........

18. ltnchk unregistered

the release dates are correct not too sure about the pricing I AM a vzw employee and the dates are correct 19th and 21st the pink venus will be released in dec also we have recieved the dummy models so if you want a sneak peak as to size and feel of the phones come in to a store and take a look the venus was a lil disappointing but the voyager looks awesome!!!!

19. e unregistered

Check out Voyager listed as the 21st, and as this is the advertising site that they tell employees to send people to..... the dates are correct.

20. a unregistered

I work for verizon and those other guys are idiots the prices are exact as are the release dates

21. pcdude5 unregistered

it looks like theres a slot for a sim card under the back of the phone. could verizon finally have a sim card slot?

22. ANdy unregistered

VOYAGER 11/21/2007 VENUS 12/11/2007

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