LG's V40 release date set after the new iPhones, V45 to follow as its first 5G phone

LG V40 release date set after the 2018 iPhones, V45 will be the company's first 5G phone
Thanks to unimpressive G7 sales numbers, LG is setting modest goals for its upcoming V40 flagship, Korean media reports, and planning for its release date in the first week of October, or on Friday the 10th. Coincidentally, this is right after Apple is due to launch its 2018 iPhones, or at least the OLED models.

LG had reportedly set 3 million internal sales goal for the G7, but only managed to move half of that, and is now ordering parts for 500,000 V40 units at initial launch. Given the 1.5 million orders for the V30, the sales goals are much more modest this year. 

Apparently, LG made two versions of the V40 - one premium "Phoenix" and one "Falcon" that is less decked-out - but failed to convince carriers on the more expensive model. LG reportedly shopped the premium one to Google, but it declined, which may explain the Pixel 3 XL design and specs abomination. After all, what we are seeing in all those Pixel leaks lately may very well be a version of the V40 "Falcon" model, of which LG allegedly is planning to make 800,000 units, claim the insiders.

The more interesting bit in today's report comes as a tip about LG's first 5G handset, the V45, which will apparently share a lot of parts with the G7 and V40 in a drive to cut costs at LG. The camera modules and the display will allegedly be all V40, while the V45 will tack on a 5G antenna that will eventually make it a tad thicker, says the report.

source: ETNews (translated)

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