LG Girl tweets that news is coming soon on the Gingerbread update for the T-Mobile G2x

LG Girl tweets that news is coming soon on the Gingerbread update for the T-Mobile G2x
Remember those days when the T-Mobile G2x looked like it was going to be one of the hottest handsets of the summer? With the speed of a dual-core processor under the hood, a nice sized 4 inch display and featuring both a rear and front-facing camera, the device looked like it was ready to capture a large number of T-Mobile users and convert those from other carriers. And while some of this demand did show up, forcing a price hike to keep the device in stock, and ultimately getting the phone pulled from T-Mobile's web site, owners of the model have been waiting for the update to Android 2.3.4 not only for the new features like gTalk, but also to fix the bugs that have made the device hard to use for some of its owners.

The last time we heard from LG about an update for the T-Mobile G2x was back in May when we passed along to you the manufacturer's promise to have the Gingerbread update sent out to T-Mobile G2x owners by this summer. With the clock staring to tick with Tuesday's start of the new season, a tweet from the LG Girl in response to a question, tells everyone that the update is still a huge focus for LG and that, she says, is a promise. Hmm. She also says that she will give out more details in a few days. Double Hmm.

Even if the update is sent out in the next few days, it might be too late to turn things around for the T-Mobile G2x, especially with the sizzling hot HTC Sensation 4G now available from the carrier. Missed opportunities like this have just got to hurt the executives of the manufacturer.

source: Twitter(@the LGgirl) via TmoNews

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1. rcy189

Posts: 26; Member since: Jun 24, 2011

I have had my G2X since April and when i first got the phone, I was in love with all the specs. To me, it was the best available phone for t-mobile at the moment. However, the bugs started creeping up on it and I have been craving for the gingerbread update. I got a really good deal on this phone and it has served me really well thus far. I just hope this update comes soon because i do not like playing the waiting game.

2. jay unregistered

So my friend works for tmobile and they are already testing gingerbread so it shall be launched here shortly. As for the phone it is a complete beast, once you root and remove the bloatware the phone runs like a monster. I have it underclocked while dormant and the performance is just unbelievable, i can be on the it all day long and by the evening it will still have juice to spare. Once gingerbread comes out im sure it will be nice but im not anticipating any huge gains. I played with Sensation the other day and it didnt impress me whatsoever the Sense UI seems to hold that phones capabilities way back felt sluggish and the qhd screen didnt seem like anyhting to brag about. At the end of the day my opinion is that the G2x is far superior in getting the power to your hands. Thank you Nvidia and LG for developing what is in my opinion one of the best smartphones out in the market.

5. rcy189

Posts: 26; Member since: Jun 24, 2011

How exactly did you root yours? I've been thinking about doing the same and taking out all the extra stuff i don't need.

3. ant1171984

Posts: 12; Member since: Nov 03, 2010

What about the MYTOUCH4G we were told June!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4. Exile SS

Posts: 40; Member since: Oct 07, 2010

I was just going to post this exact same comment!!!!


Posts: 3131; Member since: Jan 12, 2010

LG girl needs to get off twitter and go in the kitchen where she belongs. Jk

7. jay unregistered

@rcy189 this is the easiest and fastest phone too root. Keep in mind their are risks involved if not done properly. There are many comprehensive and updated guides on XDA developers on how to do it. 1. Install adb driverhttp://www.junefabrics.com/bin2/LGDriver.exe 2. Enable USB debugging on your phone (Settings/Applications/Development), connect phone to computer via USB. 3. Run "Super one click"http://forum.xda-developers.7com/showthread.php?t=803682 4. Choose the option "Root" Once rooted go to market and purchase "Anttek app manager root" this will allow you to remove bloatware and free up memory. Once installed to phone you can specify what apps to freeze for example the awful wifi calling and Car Home that drains battery and constatanly running in background. Beware some of these programs are so imbedded in the phone that it may freeze the phone if this happens its ok just pull out the battery and when reboot it shall be removed may happen once or twice. If your interested in improving Battery life the last thing shall be to purchase "Set CPU" click tetra processor, this shall allow you to tweak the CPU to your specified settings. Enable set on boot I have the scaling driver to 216mhz at dormant state you can add additional profiles to you liking. If you have a car stereo and are using an advance player on auxiliary output you may want to turn up the CPU driver a Tad so it runs music smoothed while cranked up to your car stereo. These small changes have made this phone into the fastest acting phone I've ever used, enjoy and hope this helped : )

8. Lee unregistered

@jay My g2x keeps shutting off and i have to pull the battery out to get it back on. most the time when its on lock mode but once it did it when i was on the phone talking but so many times it did it when it was fully charge or near it as it was in lock mode. do you think or know if this is a software issue and will fix it if i root my phone? i see on the internet a ton of people are having this problem. have you had this on your phone at all? also if i do the super one click* can i always take it back how it was before i did a root on the phone and how. thanks in advance.

9. jay unregistered

@Lee, personally I have not had this issue however it has been a documented problem. In your case we have to try several things to try and correct the boot bug. In theory its a software issue, according to my friend who is in tech support for Tmo he deals with this problem on a daily basis but their are things you can do too help with this issue. The reason why gingerbread has taken so long to roll out is because it shall be addressing this issue. So I'm going to suggest several things to do on your phone that will help if not stop your booting problem. Main things that are causing the reboot are the Qwik app auto running while the battery Is in the 70% range also a main cause that has been documented is the GPS running. My suggestions are to deffenitly root your phone; yes rooting is just as easy as unrooting so no worries in case you have to put it back to factory. Once rooted you must freeze Qwik, this will help with the rebooting. WIFI calling is another, this will stop the wifi from using its searching band which drains battery and unnecessary resources. If you have ever seen your phone not able to to locate a 4g signal when you wake up in the morning its because of the stupid wifi calling no more having to reboot your phone in the mornings if you use your router at home. Car dock and car home are also the ones that kill phone resources. By freezing these specific things your phone will improve on the rebooting issue if not perminatly fix them. If it isn't fixed then your phone has an embedded software issue which with the suggestions listed above and the gingerbread update will correct your problem. Hope this was of help

10. Lee unregistered

@jay so if i have to take the phone back before the 14 days will they care if i did root it and if i did unroot it could they tell? thanks for all this help oh and if i root it will it still look like android vanilla? i like the look of android vanilla but just want to delete some of these dumb tmoblie apps like tmobile TV. also if i root it can i still update after they do patch or do unroot then update then root again? i also i hear something about screen bleed on the g2x. i think i have a small bit on my phone but not sure if thats software or hardware. should i take it back oh and sorry to ask so much and thanks! your help so far is much appreciated.

11. jay unregistered

@Lee yes you can still get the update even if its rooted you don't have to go back and forth. As far as the vanilla experience it stays the same, your home screen and everything looks all the same phone is just going to run way faster and be much more efficient it will truly be vanilla like the nexus s. It will look just as it is now just wont have the bloatware. If you are within your 14 day period i personally would return it and get a new one, then root and do The steps above. As far as for the bleeding issue I had to take mine back the first time because if this issue, its a hardware problem. If you are returning at a store make sure before you leave the store with a new one that you first turn it on in front of the T-Mobile Rep. When the phone starts to boot the green android will rocket through the screen and have the tmobile logo, when it does that it will allow you to briefly check your phone to see if your new one has any bleed issues. If so have them replace it to another unit. Having a little bit of bleed is ok just want to make sure you don't get one with alot of bleed because then its a sign that it has punctured through the pixel. Once you get it then do the root remove the bloatware and you can go as far as underclocking while its while inactive then you will have a superphone and you shall see for yourselfyourself

12. Lee unregistered

@jay Do you think the htc sensation 4g is a better phone if rooted? i know it has more ram but i know the processor is not the same. also the screen might make it slower i guess and suck some batter life maybe but for rooted htc sen it would take off the htc UI and make it faster and still get updates? also make it android vanilla and update still? thanks again

13. jay unregistered

Sensation has a locked bootloader so you can't root. HTC says they are going to unlock it but who knows when that will be. The reason why it has more ram is because the sense needs it. The qhd screen will suck out more juice from the battery, also qualcomm chipsets are not known for being conservative on battery consumption. 1 If you go to anandtech.com they have a comprehensive layout of the tegra2 chip and based on that article I believe the architecture of the Tegra chip is superior to the qualcomm chip. The adreno220 graphics chip is nowhere close to the Tegra graphics chip. Adreno is 512kb l2 cache the Tegra chip is 1Mb l2 cache. NVIDIA is known for their graphic gpu's. For example i have playstation 1 emulator and nintendo 64 emulator on my phone and runs buttery smooth and looks fantastic runs at 60fps. One other thing to look at is that you have custom roms like Cynamogen mod and other Roms available for G2X so you do have much more customization available, Sensation currently has none. Roms do take time to develop. I'm not saying its a bad phone because its not, it just depends on what the consumer is looking for.

14. lee unregistered

you got a ps1 emualtor? can you email me the emualtors or something? i just made a email you can get me at code1man9lee@yahoo.com i guess ill just keep the gx2. you think i i took it back i could find 1 that wouldnt bleed? i think they said they had like 3 more at the store. thanks again

15. lee unregistered

oh and does your gx2 get a little warm? most the time its just when i use it for 15 mins but never hot just warm i guess that is normal and when i charge it.

16. jay unregistered

Only download emu and and Roms if you own them I prefer you not to have FBI knocking on your door. First install Astro file manger from market its free. Then go to filecrop.com and search psx4droid try and find a good file with the BIOS, it will redirect you too megaupload wait the 30 seconds and then downlaod. Use astro to install. Go to emuparadise.org to get your roms and follow same process enjoy and again only download if you own console and games. As for heating up that's normal.

17. OneRcknMan unregistered

Jay, I rooted my G2x last night and just renamed the apps I don't want to run from apk to bak in the system\app directory with Root Explorer and now they don't run. do you know an easy way to remove apps from the share with list?

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