LG G5 reportedly "failed to generate sales"

LG G5 reportedly "failed to generate sales"
Released in early April as one of this year's potentially great flagship smartphones, the LG G5 appears to be somewhat of a failure. According to The Korea Times, LG recently changed some execs in charge of its mobile division, admitting that the G5 didn't meet up to the company's expectations. Reportedly, LG openly said that the "latest flagship G5 smartphone failed to generate sales", this being the reason behind the recent personnel changes.

On paper, the LG G5 offers pretty much everything that you'd also find on competing smartphones, including a high resolution display, a powerful processor, lots of RAM, and very capable rear and front cameras. However, the phone's metallic modular design doesn't seem to be widely appreciated. Moreover, the LG Friends ecosystem (including modular accessories that theoretically make the G5 better) may have not been a great idea, either. That's probably because not many people want to pay extra in order to make a flagship smartphone better (after all, a high-end flagship is supposed to be among the best handsets out there by itself).

LG is currently the world's seventh smartphone manufacturer, behind the obvious leaders Samsung and Apple, as well as behind Chinese companies like Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, and Lenovo. It's said that LG might ship 2.2 million G5 smartphones this quarter, which is about 800,000 units below the previous expectations of around 3 million handsets shipped. 

LG hopes that, by making changes to its mobile division leadership, it will be able to gain "new momentum." Well, we'll see how things go later this year. 

source: The Korea Times

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