LG G3: size comparison with the Galaxy S5, Xperia Z2, One M8, and others


It's safe to say that the LG G3 has generated some very healthy amounts of hype among techies, and considering preliminary intel, that's for a good reason. Set for announcement in less than a week from now (the 27th), the next LG flagship is expected to be every bit worth its title, not least because of its interesting new features, and new and arguably even more attractive design.

Of course, one particular feature of the LG G3 will likely cause some soul-searching among consumers who would otherwise snatch the handset in a heartbeat: its size. By now, we feel fairly confident that the handset will sport one of those new, 5.5-inch 1440 x 2560 (QHD) displays from LG, which would rightfully put it in the phablet category in the minds of many. According to our calculations, however, this isn't the case, and a recent FCC filing of  a device that is very likely the G3 corroborates that notion. Put into numbers, we now expect the LG G3 to measure (approximately) in at the rather compact 145.6 x 74.5 x 9.36 mm (or 5.73 x 2.93 x 0.36 in), which, despite the relatively large display, actually mean that the G3 will have a near identical footprint as devices like the 5.2-inch Sony Xperia Z2. "What is this wizardry?!", you may wonder, but there's no dark magic going on here -- LG is simply extending the know how that went into assembling the super-compact G2. In other words, expect the G3 to come with extremely thin bezels all around -- that one is all screen.

See for yourself!

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