LG G3 on T-Mobile to be the 3 GB/ 32 GB configuration, Sprint users might strike out

LG G3 on T-Mobile to be the 3 GB/ 32 GB configuration, Sprint users might not get this lucky
The LG G3 flagship will be outed with two variations, which will differ not only in internal storage amount, as is typical, but also in RAM memory, and processor clocks. The basic 16 GB LG G3 will, naturally, be cheaper, and also come with 2 GB of RAM, and the 2.3 GHz model of the Snapdragon 801 processor. The 32 GB G3 will sport 3 GB of RAM, and the fastest, 2.5 GHz 801, such as the one that can be found in the Galaxy S5.

By now it's clear that LG's homeland will mostly be getting the decked-out G3 version, as the handset went on sale there yesterday, but what about the US carriers? Well, it turns out that at least T-Mobile might be offering the 3 GB/32 GB model, as that's what's listed in the sign-up G3 page of the Uncarrier network. Sprint, on the other hand, lists the G3's Approximate Retail Value (ARV) to be $599.99, which is usually reserved for the basic 16 GB versions of flagship phones, so that's a hint this is what might be in store on the Sprint network, once the G3 availability is announced there. Well, at least Sprint's subscribers will be getting first dibs on the Shine Gold model. Of course, this is just preliminary guesswork, but it seems that the most spec'd-out G3 won't be confined to Asia this time, unlike what happened with the G2.

source: TheDroidGuy

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