LG G2 Review Q&A: Answers

LG G2 Review Q&A: Answers
You've posted your questions about the LG G2, and now it's time for us to provide the answers. We've picked what we believe are the most interesting and meaningful questions, and we've left out some that are already answered by our review or the comparisons we've posted. Also, special thanks goes to those users who have replied to some of the questions by their... um, forum-mates?

Question by khurram87:

Answer: Thankfully, no, they don't. The buttons don't get pressed when you put the phone on a table or other surface, because there's a small protruding part that raises above the keys so that they don't have a contact with the surface.

Question by MalakiMills:

Answer:There are two types of competition that the LG G2 is going to face. If you consider the iPhone, the G2's bland design, larger size and harder-to-learn interface will be its biggest disadvantages. Against the Android competition, the G2's design is basically as good as any (except the HTC One), and probably the only thing that might cause it to sell less than smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S4 would be LG's smaller marketing budget. Other than that, the G2 doesn't have any real drawbacks.

Question by tech2:

Answer: While we haven't tried it ourselves, we have reasons to believe that the LG G2 will blend quite well. Seriously, no need to try it.

Question by mclifford81:

Answer: Outdoor visibility with the LG G2 is way better than with the Galaxy S4, and slightly worse than with the iPhone 5. Overall, it's quite good. When it comes to the camera, the G2 isn't leaps and bounds better, but there is a noticeable difference compared to the GS4. Just how much of a difference? That depends on your personal understanding. Check out our LG G2 vs Samsung Galaxy S4 comparison to take a look at the camera samples!

Question by LordDavon:

Answer: Yes, accidental touching of the camera lens happens a lot (as with any other phone). Its anti-fingerprint coating definitely helps in keeping it free from smudges, but we'd definitely recommend cleaning it each time before starting to take pictures. Other than that - yeah, you definitely feel it when your finger is over any of the volume keys, though we don't find it more intuitive than on other phones.

Question by Masterwiz:

Answer: We guess developer support will be quite good for the LG G2, seeing that it's shaping up to be quite a popular model, but really - that's the biggest factor that determines dev support for a particular device - popularity. The fact that the G2 has better internals won't make developers cook more ROMs for it than for the Galaxy S4. The more popular the device, the more ROMs and other resources you'll find for it online. In this case, we feel the G2 definitely won't be ignored by the dev community.

Question by Saamic:

Answer: Thankfully, the days when the same model looked differently on each US carrier are now gone, and the LG G2 is almost identical across carriers. We say almost, because, for some reason, Verizon has required its variant of the phone to have slightly narrower rear keys. Other than that, everything else is the same, except for the pre-loaded carrier-specific apps, of course...

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