LG Flex event to be held on November 5th, launch starts in mid-November

LG Flex event to be held on November 5th, launch starts in mid-November

Daysafter officially announcing the LG Flex, the company's firstcurved screen phone (and the world's second), it would appear thatthe South Korea-based manufacturer is already prepping the stage for an official event.Reports out of Korean media claim that press invites are already ontheir way, and the date under question is November 5th. The LG Flex is said to launch at some point in mid-November for the local market first, followed by a probable expansion outwards.

We're no strangers to fanfare, and wesure hope LG delivers. After all, seeing as a curved phone is, atthis point, hardly anything more than a gimmick, we'd expect thecompany to at least have one hell of a show readied. Then, who knows,perhaps we're about to be amazed by some other aspect of the LG Flex.Perhaps that drummed up “self-healing” coating of theback-plating on the Flex? We sure would like to hear a whole lotabout that, and whether it bears any resemblance to a similartech we've known about for a while now.

In case you somehow missed the flurryof publications around LG's curvy Flex, then you can check out ourspecsdatabase right here. Headliners include a Snapdragon 800chipset, 2GB of RAM, a 6-inch P-OLED curved screen, 13MP shooter anda massive 3500mAh battery.

source: YonhapNews via G4Games

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