LG C900 with WP7 should be coming to market around September 28th

LG C900 with WP7 should be coming to market around September 28th
One of the Windows Phone 7 devices that leaked galore these days was the LG C900 with a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. It was interesting to peep at its Bluetooth SIG filing, and to find out that LG has slated it for September 28th release to market.

This is in line with what AT&T was striving for. Ma Bell wants to be the first to out a WP7 device, and was gearing up its retail store promotional materials at the end of July. This usually means end of September launch for the devices, coinciding nicely with the officially announced Q4 WP7 availability. If we put two and two together, first to the US market with a Windows Phone 7 device should be LG, either with the GW910, or the C900, pictured below, both appearing on AT&T.

source: Bluetooth SIG

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1. yogin mehta unregistered

Thats very good these devices are coming soon!

2. Killa of Stupid-Asses unregistered

Quit calling AT&T "Ma Bell". That was an entirely different company. You dumbasses that copy and paste stories here probably weren't even born when what was left of "Ma Bell" became the other AT&T. AT&T Wireless was a spinoff that was later bought by Cingular, then whored-out like your old lady. Eat shit and enjoy the rest of your day.

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