Kinivo BTH240 Bluetooth Headphones hands-on

Kinivo BTH240 Bluetooth Headphones hands-on
Differentiating itself from most of the crop that we find in the Bluetooth headphones camp, the Kinivo BTH240 Bluetooth Headphones is able to do just that with its foldable design. However, we really can’t commend it much in other aspects to make it a tremendous offering over other things.

Like we said, it’s the folding nature of the Kinivo BTH240 that makes it stand apart – enabling us to easily put it in our pockets, without it taking much space. And that’s pretty much it for anything remotely pleasant with them! For starters, the overall design is rather bland, as it utilizes a very familiar wrap around style. In addition to that, it simply feels poorly constructed, to the point that the entire thing feels, you know, dirt cheap!

Sure, there’s some cushioning around each ear cup, but they’re so lacking in fluff that it tends to feel a bit stiff as they sit over our ear. Furthermore, the entire thing feels just a smidgen tight around our head. Well, it’s nice to see that we’re given a bunch of media controls that are all located on the right ear cup – these consist of volume up, volume down, track forward, track reverse, and a multi-function middle button. Pairing it with a Samsung Galaxy S4, we have to say that audio quality is rather flat, as it lacks the robustness to give it some much-needed pop.

In the end, the saving grace for the Kinivo BTH240 is the super low price of $29.99 that’s attached to it. Maybe it’s something you’d give a friend you don’t see too often, or maybe one you don’t like?

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1. Topcat488

Posts: 1415; Member since: Sep 29, 2012

What a bashing you gave this headphone set.

2. ryan5609

Posts: 107; Member since: Nov 01, 2011

These arent nearly as bad as they say. I have a pair of the older BTH220 bluetooth headphones and I think they work quite nicely for the price. They have good range and great battery life. I mainly use them while I am working out or mowing the yard. Sound quality is not the absolute best (not for audiophiles), but certainly is good in my opinion. If you cannot stand wires, I would definitely pick up these or the older model for dirt cheap.

3. speckledapple

Posts: 902; Member since: Sep 29, 2011

I own a pair of the older BTH-220 ones and they are just fine for me. There is something about the tightness in the head but overall the things do one heck of a job. They last all day, I charge them at night, and produce very good sound. And the fact that they are bluetooth means its also very flexible with no wires (which has been a major problem for me and headphones as of late).

4. jajones82

Posts: 3; Member since: May 14, 2012

I too have owned the BTH-220 pair for about 6 months and they are fine. These things connect easily and have survived the gym, work..While not advertising as being sweatproof, I have never had any issues with them from perspiration. The sound isn't top notch but it is fine for the aformentioned activities. Overall 8/10 for value for sure, especially for 20 bucks on a groupon\newegg\amazon deal that comes up every few months.

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