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Kanbani: the free task management app your team needs


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In these times, more than ever probably, we need tools to organize our teams quickly and efficiently. A system that’s simple enough to show every project at a glance, and easy to keep all members updated with. Also, how about if it was completely free?

Enter Kanbani

What’s with the weird name, you ask? The app is based on the Kanban method — a simple way of managing workflow across people in teams or even single individuals.

In its simplest form, a Kanban billboard has 3 columns — “To Do”, “Currently Doing”, and “Done”. Depending on the team, type, and style of work, columns can be added to include things like ideas for projects, repetitive tasks, and others.

You’ve probably seen a Kanban board in your past and it makes the utmost sense to you. There are plenty of apps and services that offer a work environment in a similar style. So…

What does Kanbani do?

It is an extremely simple and snappy way of organizing your tasks on your smartphone. It gives users full control over their boards — you can have a board for your work team, a personal board for your own goals, and one for the soccer team. All of them can have as many columns as you choose and be shared with the people they relate to.

Kanbani can work entirely offline on your phone. Just tap the sync button whenever you are online, so any changes you made can be sent to the cloud and the rest of the team. Or, you can just set it up to automatically upload and download updates, so you don't have to worry about that.

The app has been very thoughtfully designed for a quick and easy workflow on a smartphone screen. It incorporates touch gestures, huge cards, color coding, multiple card manipulation, and it is light, so it runs pretty fast.

Setting up is quick and easy — as soon as you create your board, you can share it via a QR code (or web link). There’s no registration required, no extra hoops to jump. Your team can then view your kanban board on their phones or on a desktop when they follow the web link.

Check out this link for a demo of the web view

Unlike your regular Kanban board, Kanbani also has a Timeline view. It's a calendar-like UI, which gives you a better overview of all tasks that are ongoing or approaching. It's a particularly useful way of visualising the board on a smartphone screen.

Furthermore, Kanbani is open source, so programmers can write extra plugins for the app (GitHub page). Or, you can just hit up the app’s official forum and talk directly with the developers.

Kanbani is available in:

Kanbani privacy

Hey, work data is sensitive, so you might be interested in protecting it. Kanbani features 1-tap encryption and the ability to sync with your very own server, if you have one and the IT chops to set it up. It even goes the extra mile to offer a version of the app without Google Analytics attached — you just need to download it from the Kanbani website.

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