Jimmy Kimmel pranks passersby into mistaking a 7-year-old iPhone 4 for the iPhone X

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For a couple of years now, Jimmy Kimmel's crew has been pranking people on the streets of Hollywood with old iPhones. The formula is the same every year: a reporter goes down Hollywood Blvd., stopping random passersby and presenting them an old iPhone model as though it were new, then cheekily asking for their opinion on Apple's "latest and greatest," often to hilarious results, as one may expect. And it hasn't been exactly difficult for Kimmel and crew to pull this prank off on not-so-tech-savvy people, considering how similar iPhones have looked since the 6, but this year it's different with the radical redesign of the iPhone X, right?

Not really, no. In fact, they are doing the same exact thing again, only this time around they are introducing an iPhone 4 (2010) as the iPhone X, which, of course, manages to confuse some people enough to have them praising the 7-year old phone for its form factor, small size, "clear pixelation," and other such features. And while the iPhone X looks nothing like the older model, it's still a fun watch!

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