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  • It's the end of the line for the HTC One on Canada's Bell

It's the end of the line for the HTC One on Canada's Bell

It's the end of the line for the HTC One on Canada's Bell
If all of those leaked stories about the HTC M8, aka the HTC One 2, don't convince you that HTC's new flagship phone will soon be here, perhaps this story will. According to a leaked internal document, the HTC One is EOL at Canada's Bell. That means it is the 'end of life' for the phone on the carrier. The only reason to EOL HTC's flagship Android model would be that the phone's sequel is coming soon.

It hasn't even been a year that Bell customers have had the opportunity to purchase the well-designed handset, which indeed was named one of our Best Designed Products for 2013. Earlier Monday, master leaker evleaks tweeted the information that the HTC M8 looks "strikingly like" the M7 (HTC One). That happens to confirm an earlier story from December that revealed that a mock up of the M8 based on inside knowledge of the model, looked almost exactly like the HTC One. The Taiwan manufacturer is apparently living by the old saw "if it ain't broke, don't fix it".

Based on the leak, other phones on Bell's EOL list include the Sony Xperia Z1 in white, and the 16GB Samsung Galaxy S III in blue. Those two appear to be EOL based on the particular color of each handset. While the Galaxy S III has been supplanted by the Samsung Galaxy S4, the Sony Xperia Z1 is still a relatively new handset having been launched for the Canadian carrier in October.

Leaked document reveals that the HTC One is EOL at Canada's Bell

Leaked document reveals that the HTC One is EOL at Canada's Bell

source: MobileSyrup

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posted on 03 Feb 2014, 11:02 3

1. ArtSim98 (Posts: 3535; Member since: 21 Dec 2012)

Lol Z1 already EOL? Well, at least this is only on Bell. Long live the Z1!

posted on 03 Feb 2014, 11:07

2. jellmoo (Posts: 2035; Member since: 31 Oct 2011)

It's only the white model. The black model of the Z1 will continue to be carried. To be fair, I don't think I ever actually saw the white model in any Bell stores, so I doubt it's that big of an impact.

posted on 03 Feb 2014, 15:46

5. apple4never (Posts: 1064; Member since: 08 May 2013)

I've only seen one white ever model and that was yesterday

posted on 03 Feb 2014, 11:23

3. Finalflash (Posts: 3527; Member since: 23 Jul 2013)

Wow, I think the HTC One came out on Bell just in August last year. That would mean like 6 months of sales time.

posted on 03 Feb 2014, 12:07

4. COZMAN (Posts: 99; Member since: 28 Nov 2013)

Bells whole business plan is based on greed so nothing surprises me. It is all about pleasing that rich stockholder. The more governments loosen the rules for new players the better because companies like Bell and Rogers have priced themselves out of reach for the average consumer. There is a new 700 mhz band in Canada which is going to change things and open the doors for more competition. You can also believe that the Canadian government is taking a look at loosening the reigns on foreign ownership in Canada and that would change everything. Verizon almost made it to Canada but the slime ball lobbyists shut them out. It will still happen sooner or later.

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