Is this the next webOS phone?

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Is this the next webOS phone?
Interestingly enough, shortly after news about the rumored second webOS phone appeared, BGR has now shared a blurry low-res photo, claiming what you can see is actually the device everyone is talking about. It is a candybar with a full QWERTY keyboard below the display, but unlike the Centro and the Treo Pro, the screen is not square-shaped. The design language screams “Pre”, but having a touchscreen and keyboard on its front side doesn’t make it look like a “Mini” version of the first webOS phone. This info also mentions a Fall release. We leave this to your judgement – is this for real or not?

source: BGR



1. stuntz

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Palm Treo with WebOS?

2. tanders04

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3. E.N.

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I think this one looks better than the pre

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