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Is the launch of the international version of the blue Samsung Galaxy S III delayed?

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Is the launch of the international version of the blue Samsung Galaxy S III delayed?
Is the pebble blue international model of the Samsung Galaxy S III delayed?

Is the pebble blue international model of the Samsung Galaxy S III delayed?

Speculation has been flying that the launch of the international version of the Samsung Galaxy S III is going to be delayed. The reason might have something to do with the news from Tweakers.net that 600,000 pebble blue battery covers for the device had to be destroyed by Samsung because they were defective. Originally, the handset was to have a global launch at the end of this month followed by a summertime launch for the the three countries hosting the LTE bversion of the phone: the U.S., Japan and Korea. Of the trio, the U.S.is expected to receive the device next month. A Scandinavian gentleman who pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy S III, told Reddit that he had received an email telling him that his pebble blue Samsung Galaxy S III has been delayed from the original shipping date of May 29th because the supplier has stopped all deliveries in Scandinavia.
"Dear customer, Thank you ordered a Samsung Galaxy SIII Blue Pebble of us. We are sorry to announce that we will not deliver it on release date, which is on 29/5. This is because the supplier has suddenly stopped all deliveries of the blue mobile. This applies to all retailers and operators in Scandinavia, and is not something that only affects CDON.COM . We have tried to maintain a dialogue with the Samsung, but without success. Samsung says that the preliminary shipping date is week 22, but this is unfortunately not something that we are yet to confirm. CDON.COM will compensate all affected customers by sending out a free coupon for the license to Samsung Navigator (value of 599 €). We would again like to emphasize that there are some blue models to Scandinavia before the release, nor any dealer or any operator. We apologize for the inconvenience. Sincerely CDON.CO"
Strangely enough, Phandroid received an email from retailer Negri Electronics confirming that there will be a delay in launching the international version of the Samsung Galaxy S III. The strange thing about it is that the email says it is the white version that is going to be released later than expected.
"To many, being first is a necessity. To us, it is a requirement. While we do not have great news for our customers, we still anticipate to be the first to carry the Galaxy S III, but the date has been set to the 29th. Our supplier originally gave us a firm date of arrival for the 25th, but has failed to follow through with the promise- putting us in a compromising position with our reputation and name. We anticipate having the Blue, 16GB  Galaxy S III before the White. At this time we are not trying to assume a delay from Samsung; but the White is expected to arrive June 1st."-Negri Electronics
We are unsure whether or not this delay will affect the launch of the U.S. model. Earlier Friday, we told you that a leak reported by T-Mobile called for a June 20th launch of the phone on that carrier. That matches the date that the Samsung Galaxy S III will launch in Canada according to a leaked ad. And while the phone has already been launched in Dubai and the UAE, only the white version is said to be available. And according to AndroidNZ, a number of carriers and retailers are announcing that their launch of the Samsung Galaxy S III will initially consist of the white model only.

Before looking for the tallest building to jump from, we'd suggest waiting to hear Samsung's take on this as there are conflicting stories. Some U.K. retailers are saying that there is no delay at all. Once the Korean based manufacturer weighs in on the story, and you are not happy with their answer, then you can resume looking for skyscrapers.

source: Reddit, Tweakers.net (translated), AndroidNZ via TmoNews

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