Is the Galaxy S8 a better buy than the iPhone X? Here are some reasons it might be...

So, November is nearly here, and with it comes the great holiday shopping. A good time of the year to get yourself a nice, shiny new smartphone, or get nagged into buying one for somebody else. We kid, we kid.

The iPhone X is about to hit the store shelves in just a couple of weeks, and there's also this other bezel-less kid on the block — you might have heard of it — the Samsung Galaxy S8. Which one should you buy? Do you splurge the $999 required to get the latest and greatest from Apple, or is the Galaxy S8, which can be found for about $625 on Amazon right now, good enough?

Well, we believe the S8 has quite a few things going for itself. It excels in some areas and, in others, has the right features to mirror the iOS experience, if you happen to be a convert. Shall we check them out?

Is the Galaxy S8 better?

Things you will still have

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