Is iOS about to control your house? Apple tipped to announce "Smart Home" at WWDC

Is iOS about to control your house? Apple tipped to announce "Smart Home" at WWDC
According to a report published on Monday, Apple will introduce a "Smart Home" platform at WWDC, that will allow iOS to control the inner workings of a home. An Apple iPhone and Apple iPad will be able to change settings on connected appliances, turn the alarm on or off, and control the lighting inside and outside of the house. Google already has its similar Android@Home initiative.

Using "Smart Home," property owners will be able to turn on their alarm when leaving the house, or have the lights turn on when entering. Home owners on vacation should be able to create the illusion that some one is at home in order to deter burglars. Apple will certify hardware made by third party manufacturers, using the "Made for iPhone" program that the company uses now to certify accessories manufactured by third party producers. Some of the companies listed in the report that could be certified include Dropcam, Phillips and Nest. The latter, purchased by Google earlier this year, produces smart thermostats and other similar products.

The report adds that like Apple's AirPlay, CarPlay and iBeacon, Bluetooth LE could be employed in the platform. This low energy version of Bluetooth, allows for connectivity over very short distances. This means that the system will be able to pinpoint the exact location of the home owner wielding the iPhone or iPad being used to control the "Smart Home," even if it is a sprawling mansion.

WWDC kicks off a week from today. Apple is expected to unveil iOS 8 at the conference, which runs through June 6th.

source: FinancialTimes (subscriptionReq'd) via TechCrunch

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