Is a 5.5-inch phone too large for you?


Phones these days seems to come in two conventional sizes: the regular size for a flagship display hovers from around 4.7 inches to 5.2 inches, while the other big category is that of phablets where screens are commonly between 5.5 inches and... likely, infinity (Huawei's P8 Max claims it's a phone, yet it packs an enormously huge 6.8-inch screen!).

Sure, it's a small difference (especially when you compare 5.2-inch phones with 5.5-inch phablets), but it is a real choice that consumers face when they have to pick a new device.

And it's far from settled: stats show that phablets are best sold in the Asian countries where mobile TV is widely watched even on the subway, and a large screen makes a lot of sense (many phones even come with a built-in retractable antenna for better signal reception). However, in the Western hemisphere, the split is far from clear.

That's where you come to help us settle the issue: is a 5.5-inch phone (or a larger one) too big for comfortable use, or is it just fine for your? Another way of putting this is "are phablets too big for comfortable use?". We've wondered about this before, but now is a great time to go back to the issue, as there such a wide variety of phones of different sizes and platforms that the question arises practically every day. 

What do you think?

Is a 5.5-inch phone too large for you?

Yes, it's too big (uncomfortable)
No, it feels comfortable to use

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