Is LG´s second handset with Windows Phone 7 Series real?

Is LG´s second handset with Windows Phone 7 Series real?
LG may indeed manage to catch a lot of people napping by releasing the world´s first device to run Windows Phone 7 Series before everyone else and as soon as the end of this summer. Is it likely, however, that the manufacturer is actually preparing not just one, but two handsets utilizing Microsoft´s brand new operating system?

Neowin, a website that has provided exclusive information regarding the operating system on many occasions did publish a picture of a unknown LG cell phone based on Windows Phone 7 Series. We thought "Great, the more the better, right?" The thing is the news bit containing the image was withdrawn almost immediately and without a word as to, well, why. There are at least two possible explanations - first, the image was nothing more than the inspired handiwork of an eager fan of the operating system or, alternatively, LG. Second, it´s not impossible the rendering was real indeed, but either Microsoft or LG spotted it right away and required that it be removed, meaning we were not supposed to know about the cell phone that early. Either way, we don´t really think we will ever find out what really happened.

Moreover, the information about the picture is rather scarce. Of course, we can easily speculate on the existence of the device and its specifications, because the minimum system requirements of Windows Phone 7 Series are already well known. If LG´s second handset to run WP7S is real indeed, it should be equipped with at least 5-megapixel camera, processor with ARMv7 architecture, 256MB RAM and 8GB ROM. And what about you? Do you think the image was actually a picture of a real device? Share your opinion in the comments below.
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