LG targeting September for the release of their first Windows Phone 7 Series handset

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LG targeting September for the release of their first Windows Phone 7 Series handset
After Windows Phone 7 Series managed to make a splash during MWC, it seems like all of the manufacturing partners are gearing up to have handsets ready in time by the end of the year. In a quick change from what we've seen of late, LG has taken the torch and attempting to gain a head start over some of its competitors as they eye the month of September to have ready a Windows Phone 7 Series handset. Engadget Chinese was able to sit down with LG Mobile in Hong Kong during a Chinese New Year event where it was confirmed that the Korean based company intends to have a handset ready sometime between September and November – which of course would be in line with what was heard previously as the official word of coming out in time before the holidays. With approximately less than 7 months and counting to the possible launch day, every month that passes will be a test for those consumers itching to experience Microsoft's rebirth – luckily LG will be there to greet them with open arms.

source: Engadget Chinese (translated) via Engadget



1. ILOVEtechnology unregistered

I really hope that windows get their stuff together. The OS for windows was terrible and very complicated. I had a windows 6.1 and being a tech guy it was hard to manage. I couldn't download certain files,etc. The current OS like the iphone and droid give the users a better experience which is what the market wants right now. They don't want to use a owner's manual. Tell me the last time you opened a manual and used it!

2. phonedemocracy

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Have you seen the giant spread phonearena has on WM7? It looks great- lightweight, hub centric, and flashy for all you Iphone bred people. 6.1 is the past.

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