Intel releases its 64-bit Android KitKat build for devices with Intel architectures

Intel releases its 64-bit Android KitKat build for devices with Intel architecture

At Intel's IDF 2014 conference inChina, the chip-maker made the announcement that its 64-bit compliantAndroid 4.4 KitKat distribution is being released to developers andmanufacturers. "The company ported, validated and tested theAndroid Open Source code on Intel Architecture, taking on the workthat developers typically would need to do on their own,"the company said according to CNET, and added that "thisrelease will provide the ecosystem with 64-bit kernel support fordevelopment of next-generation devices".

While this is in no doubt a significantcontribution to Android's development, it feels slightly underminedby the fact that it's engineered to work only on Intel's own silicon,which is still a rarity in mobile devices. It really seems like an“ad-hoc” effort, but then again, Intel wouldn't have put in allthe work to make Android 64-bit compliant if it didn't have a clearstrategy. And, while we can only speculate what said strategy mightbe, Android's switch to 64-bit computing is imminent. ABIResearch estimated that a large number of 64-bit mobile deviceswill start shipping in 2015, and other rumors point at an upcomingNexus8 tablet by Google, based on Intel's 64-bit silicon.

source: CNET

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